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May 18 Cover
The May issue of Culture Wars features:

Jack Ravenwood on In Search of Logos and Tao in China, Part II

E. Michael Jones on Catholics and the Jew Taboo

Jesse Russel on Writing from Left to Right

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Cover ImageSex with Monsters by E. Michael Jones. Director Guillermo del Toro said that his film The Shape of Water was a remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon, which was a combination sci-fi horror flick based on the incoherent mish-mash of Christianity and Darwinist “science” that typified America of the 1950s. He referred to the creatures in both films as the “Gill-Man,” but the films are very different. In Black Lagoon, the Gill-Man is a monster; in The Shape of Water he is “a romantic lead” with a “soul.” The latent erotic possibilities in the original became explicit in the remake, which tells the story of the “Cold War-era sci-fi romance” involving “a mute cleaning lady” who “develops a crush on a captured fish-man creature” in a secret research facility. The Shape of Water could serve as a mene tekel for the American Empire, which has imposed its own form of human sacrifice, known as abortion, on its equally unwilling subjects. The Hollywood film industry has convinced us, in films like The Shape of Water, to have sex with the monster instead of killing him. We need to get back to one of the fundamental rules of civilized life: if it’s a monster, you kill it. $6.99, Paperback; $3.19 e-book. Read More/Buy

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