"These filmstrips were not designed to be exploitive," insisted the Rev. Roberta Nelson, a Unitarian Universalist minister from Concord, Massachusetts, on Public Eye (10/08/97). "They were not designed to be erotic. They were designed to answer young people's questions." Young people (ages 12 and 13) who did not have questions, or urges, before seeing Rev. Roberta's films were likely to have them afterward, for the material included graphic depictions of gay and lesbian lovemaking, auto-erotic techniques and transvestitism.

As CBS host Bryant Gumbel noted, Rev. Nelson "has been involved with church sex education for some time," for 25 years, in fact. "I've trained teachers, I've taught kids," she said, "and the overwhelming response in our churches has been one of gratitude and appreciation for the open, honest conversation we allow." In the 1990s, intercourse and conversation have regained their explicitly sexual connotation, in the name of educating and protecting children, in public schools and churches alike.

"Sex happens," said one single mother who indicated she supported the "conversation" in principle, though not all the details. When does it happen? "Usually two, three months before they go to high school," commented another soccer mom giving her view of youth sex today. One wonders what is taught, and not taught, in such homes, and how much of the "teaching" is delegated to TV. "We're giving them information so they don't get themselves in trouble," say parents supportive of the sex ed curriculum, seeming to assume that footage of adolescent cross dressing and sodomy will keep them out of trouble. Church leader Eric Van Loon stated, "I think this program has brought tremendous good for a huge number of kids."

Fan.gifParents were invited to enter their adolescents in the AYS ("About Your Sexuality") program by signing of on a permission slip that blandly stated, "the kids will see contemporary media images." "What would you make of that!" demanded one parent, outraged after the fact, a day late and more than a dollar short. This single mother and psychologist, the quintessential modern person, has become another "liberal who had been mugged by reality." But what of the urges and fears bequeathed to the children? Their lives will become the stuff of daily horror films that rot unseen in the sewer this culture has become.

Although the children who were betrayed by their parents (or parent) into this labyrinth were readily exposed to the materials, concerned parents in Concord found them difficult to review. When they requested to see the texts and films, they repeatedly were rebuffed by the suddenly chaste Unitarians.
"Was there any picture that stuck with you," the interviewer asked one of the kids. "Yeah," she replied, hesitantly, "the man licking his semen." Lick your own, why not lick someone else's, the message would seem to be. Whatever you do, don't discriminate. Church leader Van Loon said AYS "was the best thing for his son." Where are the child abuse zealots when stories like this break? The Unitarians' Sex Ed program has been used in 300 churches nationally since 1972, and parents have been struggling, futilely, since then to keep it from children. This battle is familiar, and the U-U's materials have their roots in the SIECUS-Planned Parenthood-Kinsey triangle which since 1948 has knocked this country off its moorings.

Alfred KinseyPart of Kinsey's teaching extolled the normality and frequency of sex between adults and children. Kinsey's researchers, after all, claimed that little children, even two month old infants were capable of mutiple orgasms, although he acknowledged that "children will make violent attempts to avoid climax [sic], although they derive definite pleasure from the situation." If society did not "make so much of [pedophilia]," Kinsey felt, "children would not be harmed." Details of Kinsey's obsessions and methods have been discussed here previously, in comment on a new biography, Kinsey: A Public/Private Life (James Jones, 1997) [reviewed in this issue]. The point here is that his propaganda, as assimilated to the social engineering of the ruling elites, is bearing violent fruits of erotic perversion.

Early in October, three gruesome and similar murders in the Northeast should have set off a national alarm about media-touted homosexual lifestyles, but there is no sign that mainstream media or legal authorities will provide much scrutiny. While children died, Al Gore flew to Hollywood to praise TV producers for Ellen. Early in November, Bill Clinton met with the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest homosexual lobby. Since they are unwilling to note, much less explore the connections between sex ed, "diversity" and sex crimes, here are details that illuminate the issue.

In Waterbury, Connecticut, 13-year-old Stanley Edwards was lured into a neighbor's backyard and bludgeoned to death so the murderer could satisify "an urge." In Jackson Township, New Jersey, Eddie Werner, selling candy door-to-door to raise money for his school, was pulled into a house by a fifteen year old who raped and murdered him. The killer had regularly visited online homosexual "chat rooms," on one of which he'd met a 43 year old man with whom he'd become sexually involved and from whom he apparently learned a message of total, trans-generational permissibility. When his parents sought to break off the relationship, he found a younger victim to harm as he had been found himself.

Also on October 1, in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, ten year old Jeffrey Curley was lured into a car by two young men who promised him $50 and a new bicycle. The criminals, Salvatore Sicari and his homosexual lover, Charles Jaynes, mechanics and petty thieves, had spent months soliciting Jeffrey's trust. Once they had him in the car, Jaynes reportedly tried to force sex on Jeffrey. When the child resisted his 300 pound black assailant, Jaynes sat on and suffocated him with a gasoline-soaked rag. Sicari and Jaynes then drove to New Hampshire where Jaynes abused the boy's body before putting it in a barrel with concrete and dumping it into a river in Southern Maine.

As the details surfaced, media steered coverage to a renewed debate about the death penalty, lengthy descriptions of the search for Jeffrey's body and the grief of his father, Michael. All but invivible was the main issue: the close tie between homosexuality and pedophilia, and the increasingly brazen behavior of homosexuals whose urges for five decades have been publicized and celebrated by the political, educational and economic powers of the state.

Five days after the murder and far from the front pages, toward the end of a long story on the search for the body in the rivers of southern New Hampshire and Maine, it was noted that Jaynes's car had contained pornographic literature from NABMLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association. In a report, October 9, a lesbian apologist termed NAMBLA "a distant and tiny fringe of the gay community." Details were sparse, but there is plenty of information about NAMBLA and related groups in the public record for anyone who cares to look. In itself it may be a fringe, but its affiliations are both national and global, and through them, its influence and effects pervade government and education.

You are best advised to keep this behavior to yourself," Pomeroy wrote, "but you can feel secure in your knowledge that you are not a monster." The agenda is horrid enough. The December 1995 issue of NAMBLA's monthly Bulletin carried a letter from one of its members, telling how he begun having sex with an 8-year-old boy for whom he had been babysitting for several years, gradually involving the child in sexual activities of the sort many gays and lesbians seek to legalize, as has Kinsey's Institute for Sex and Gender Research and SIECUS. Kinsey's former colleague, Dr. Wardell Pomeroy, has authored Boys and Sex and Girls and Sex which advocate the normality of incest, bestiality and masturbation.

"You are best advised to keep this behavior to yourself," Pomeroy wrote, "but you can feel secure in your knowledge that you are not a monster." Thanks to several decades of such spurious and seductive assurances, secrecy on such matters is going the way of the horse and carriage, as the globalist agenda for sex more and more resembles criminal insanity.

NAMBLA joins the global village through ILGA, an International Lesbian and Gay Association, which had "observer" status as a non-governmental organization at the UN. In 1993, when Congress drafted a bill to eliminate UN funding because of various pedophiliac scandals (among them, at UNESCO, which addresses its attention to children), the world body banned ILGA. In an attempt to restore its status, ILGA planned to purge NAMBLA but its affiliated groups rebelled, forming the International Organization for the Liberation of Homosexuality (IOLH),

"open to all homosexual sub-groups including pederasts and pedophiles, transvestites, S&M activists, fetishists and others."

(It would be interesting to learn who funds IOLH, and where its activist leaders work). Faced with a prinicpled revolt in the name of deviant diversity, ILGA backed down "out of fear of losing half its members," wrote a gay journalist.

Boston-based Alyson Publications is a major force in pushing the "diversity" agenda for children, and placing its titles in school libraries. Alyson publishes Heather Has Two Mommies, Daddy's Roommate and Daddy's Wedding in one of whose illustrations a beaming ten year old boy looks on while his father plants a "wedding" kiss on his homosexual "spouse."

Alyson has some other intriguing titles, like, Gay Sex: A Manual for Men Who Love Men which tells how "to minimize the risk" for "men who are involved with partners under the legal age of consent," that is, with children. Several of the suggestions are from NAMBLA, including advice to "avoid situations where many men have sex with the same boy over a period of time." Love 'em and dump 'em seems to be the paradigm, followed to logical conclusion by the murderers of Jeffrey Curley. Another Alyson title, Young, Gay & Proud for "homosexual-identified" school kids, includes graphic sexual advice on "Doing It, Gay" and repeats the familiar "1 in 10" lie.

Alyson also publishes "adult titles" like Macho Sluts in which a woman fantasizes about sadistic sex with her young daughter, The Lesbian S/M Safety Manual (including advice for "safe" whipping, not yet included in AYS) and The Alyson Almanac which lists NAMBLA as a resource "to educate society on the positive nature" of man-boy sex. Charles Jaynes must have skipped that chapter.

One wonders where the Middlesex, Norfolk and Suffolk County DA's have been while Alyson has published and promoted its ruinous texts. Massachusetts Attorney General, Scott Harshbarger, has spent substantial time working with Planned Parenthood, persecuting the Amiraults (in the Fells Acre Day Care Case). Now, he is running for Governor. He would be an apt replacement for William Weld, a self-styled tough prosecutor, who also did nothing about Alyson or NAMBLA. The heads of state law enforcement have looked away while Boston's newspapers profiled Alyson Co's authors and illustrators, and while two lesbians promoted It's Elementary, a film teaching K-6 students that homosexuality is normal.

Similarly, DA's around the nation ignore promotion and publishing of slick homosexual magazines like XY, targeted at young people and filled with nudity and enticement. Beer commercials on prime time sports events now present transvestitism as a joke. The "justice" system prosecutes baseless allegations of "abuse" against devoted heterosexual parents while ignoring the overt child abuse of sexual perverts and their cheerleaders in Academia, government and business. This will not surprise those who have witnessed the government prosecute prolife speech while underwriting the abortion/population control industry which has a clear shared interest with promoters of sexual perversion. Wilful sterility is a perversion, and perversion is now an industry. Death is big business in the 20th century.

Advocate.gifAlyson's parent company, Liberation Publications, issues The Advocate, a gay magazine with which Bill Clinton interviewed in 1996. The same day Jeffrey Curley was killed, Clinton announced that five of the 18 top White House staff positions would be set aside for homosexuals and he appointed lesbian activist, Virginia Apuzzo, to the top slot. The Clintons, and their Gaia-worshipping VP, Al Gore, consult with the Human Rights Campaign as part of their agenda to control children through the schools and a new National Child Care plan which will exploit the Woodward nanny case to further institutionalize the separation of children from their parents.

When a national Conference of psychologists and former homosexuals gather to discuss ways to free oneself of that dangerous preference, they can expect to be attacked by groups like the "Lesbian Avengers" as happened summer 1995 in San Diego, or October 10, 1997, at Harvard. When author Scott Lively lectured in Wisconsin about his book reviewing evidence on the dominance of the Nazi hierarchy by homosexuals, churches at which he spoke were attacked by homosexual mobs which threw rocks and urinated on the floor.

What is the response of the forces of official "justice?" In a particularly ugly coincidence, the U.S. Dept of Justice has urged and "commended" federal employees to attend "diversity seminars" in conjunction with National Coming Out Month. It is no longer mandatory, but employees who want commendation, promotion, raises and re-hiring, will be sure to attend. Such the indirect but official inducements for monsters like Jaynes and Sicari. It is as if the government had institutionalized Kinsey's notion that "diversity" would not be harmful if society didn't condemn it. It is, however, precisely government and the media/entertainment axis that have made a big and very public deal of diversity.

The word "homosexual" does not appear in the Boston Globe's coverage of the murder of Jeffrey Curley despite the history of Jaynes and Sicari whose attempts to win Jeffrey's trust cast a somber light on the line, "now we have a son to share," which comes at the climax of Daddy's Wedding. But the alleged murderers fit the pattern of research conducted by The Family Research Council from 1989-95 indicating that homosexuals molest children at ten times the rate of heterosexuals. Another study revealed October 16 that nearly half the child abuse cases in west suburban Boston result from the predations of pedophiles. "There's not much we can do," claims a Middlesex County (Mass.) prosecutor. He's wrong, and a suggestion from an unlikely source suggests why.

An October 17, 1997 letter to the Boston Globe angrily asserted that current disgust about pedophiles "is the same as was felt against those advocating black/white sexual relations forty years ago or toward homosexuals 25 years ago." Maybe he's righter than he knows, though inter-racial couples and even some homosexuals may not like the analogy. In any case, the implied time line (25 years until pedophilia is accepted by the elites as a "civil right" enforced by quotas and celebrated on TV), should spur society to pre-emptive action.

The letter writer defended NAMBLA, demanding, "if an article on sexuality from the Globe had been found in Jaynes' car [instead of literature from NAMBLA], would that mean the Globe's staff was implicated?" The answer is 'yes,' they are deeply implicated and so are all the corporate, governmental and professional groups that have been celebrating and demanding "rights" for those whose problems in identity formation result in sexual confusion. Those who do not turn to healing such as is offered by various "Transformation" or "Exodus" ministries, or other reparative therapies like those described by Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, risk the slippery slope to pedophilia and necrophilia. What today is called (or used to be called) obsession, is an empty word for sin. Death worship is the endgame of individuals and societies giddy with perversion, who deify transient impulse and rationalize the merits of sterility.

In The American Sex Revolution, Dr. Pitirim Sorokin wrote that sexual anarchy occurs when "society degrades the values of womanhood and manhood, motherhood and fatherhood, marriage, family and love, itself." The result is "an explosion of socio-political disturbances" which threaten every marriage and every child.

The pain of the Curley case and the depredations of "sex education" should prompt complete review of this nation's misguided championing of sexual deviance and its multi-faceted attacks on the traditional family and gender roles. This need is even greater than the absolute necessity of executing those who are the immediate perpetrators of such crimes.

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