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Authors Index, Vol. 4. 1985.
Bail, Paul
"Coercion?'' Said the ACLU"What Is
Coercion?", September. 1985, pp. 16-17
Barton, Hal
What the Word "Hippie" Meant, August, 1985,
pp 31-35.
Bomar, David E.
The Problem of Women's Ordination,
January, 1985, pp. 18-25.
Bower, Keith
The Wreck of Santa Fe Communications,
March, 1985, pp. 22-28.
Brown, Judie
No Place for Children,
September, 1985, pp. 23-24
Bruen, James G., Jr.
The Aborted Pepsi Generation, April, 1985, p. 24.
Clergy Malpractice, May, 1985, p. 15.
Hans the Hedgehog's Father,
August, 1985, pp. 22-23
Homosexuals Claim Georgetown No Longer
Catholic, January, 1985, pp. 13-14
Homosexuals Say Georgetown Backed Down,
July, 1985, p. 23.
Into the Cuisinart, December, 1984, pp. 11-13.
Review of Death in the Nursery IBookl
by James Manney and John C. Blattner,
January, 1985, p. 31.
Review of the Spirit and the Bride Say 'Come!'
[Book] by Gerald J. Farrell and George
Kosicki, October, 1985, pp. 37-38.
Say It Ain't So, Joe, February, 1985, pp 18, 22.
Buckner, Christopher M.
Catholic Church: Who Really Belongs?,
October, 1985, pp. 30-36.
Review of Catholic and Christian [Book]
by Alan Schreck. October, 1985, pp. 38-40.
Campbell, Charles M.
German-American Parish, October, 1985, p. 20.
Grace in the Pia Mater, September, 1985, p. 10.
Knee Jerk Epitaph, December, 1984, p. 10.
Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Family of Martyrs,
Family of Man, May, 1985, pp. 22-23.
Union, March, 1985, p 37.
Carbine. Francis A., and Robert F. McGovern
I Am Jesus of Nazareth,
November, 1985, pp. 20-21.
If You Will, You Can Make Me Clean,
July, 1985, pp. 16-17.
Jesus Took the Loaves and Gave Thanks
August, 1985. pp 20-21.
Lord Is With Thee, December, 1984, pp. 16-17.
Mark the Proclaimer, January, 1985, pp. 16-17.
Pentecost, May, 1985, pp. 20-21.
The Sower Went Out to Sow,
March, 1985, pp. 20-21.
Truly This Man Was the Son of God,
April, 1985 pp. 20-21.
We Know Well John's Witness Is Truthful,
September, 1985, pp 20-21.
Wind Breathes Where It Will,
October, 1985, pp. 28-29.
Castaneira, Mariano
Review of The Brotherhood: The Secret World
of the Freemasons
[Book] by Stephen Knight,
August, 1985, pp. 36-38.
Chervin, Ronda
Feminism's Ambivalent Attitude Toward the
Feminine, April, 1985, pp. 22-23.
Review of Notebooks of Jacques Maritain [Book],
April, 1985, pp. 37-38.
Cosgrove, Burke
A Dripping Faucet, May, 1985, p. 23.
Coulson, W.R.
Review of Goddesses in Everywoman: A New
Psychology of Women
[Book] by Jean
Shinoda Bolen. September. 1985, pp. 36-37.
Cross, Nancy
C S. Lewis and Cardinal Carter on Sexual
Differences, November, 1985, pp 18-19, 22.
That All May Be One, October, 1985, pp. 11-13
De Marco, Donald
Dealing with Anti-Catholic Propaganda,
October, 1985, pp 16-17.
The Doublethink Award for 1984,
March, 1985 pp. 18-19.
Henry Morgentaler and the "Defense of
Necessity," July, 1985, pp 21-22
Marriage and Divorce: The Dilemma and
the Hope, November, 1985, pp. 24-26.
Phil Donahue and the Catholic Church: Programming Prejudice,
August, 1985, pp. 18-19.
De Marois, William
Kaddish for an Abortionist
November, 1985, p. 23.
Derrick, Christopher
Review of Radical Love: An Approach to Sexual
[Book] by Dody H. Donnelly,
August, 1985, pp. 38-39.
Diamond, Eugene F.
Abortion, Politics, and Father Hesburgh,
February, 1985, pp 16-18,
Dunphy, William F.
Maleness and the Ministerial Priesthood,
January. 1985, pp. 15, Z6-29
Ederer, Rupert J,
Review of Co-Creation and Capitalism: John
Paul II's Laborem Exercens
[Book] by John
W. Houck and Oliver F. Williams (editors),
April, 1985, pp. 34-37.
Tale of Two Pastorals, April, 1985, pp. 15-19.
Flinn, Tom
Conversion and the Mystical Body,
October. 1985, pp. 17-21.
Gudowitz, Stuart
Fidelity: The First Three Years, An Index to Volumes I,II, and
III, October, 1985, pp. 42-55.
Review of That Strange Divine Sea: Recpllections on
Being a Catholic
[Book] by Christopher
Derrick, February, 1985, pp 37-38
Hill, Morton A.
What You Can Do About Pornography,
November. 1985, pp. 27-28.
Hippler, Arthur E.
Connection Between Child Abuse and Abortion,
February, 1985, pp 13-15.
Hitchcock, James
Will the Real Pope Please Stand Up?,
September, 1985, pp. 19, 22.
Houbeck, Robert L., Jr.
Slavery and the "Right to Choose'': What
Lincoln Can Teach Us About Abortion,
December, 1984, pp. 15, 26-32.
Hoyas, Eugene L.
Proabortion Catholics: Having Their Faith
and Obliterating It, Too,
December, 1984, pp. 18-25.
Hull, Helen
Catholic Education Goes Over the Rainbow:
The NCEA and the New Age,
August, 1985, pp. 25-30.
Woman Church Speak; Bishop Listen,
January, 1985, pp. 12-13.
Jones, E. Michael
Abuse Abuse: The Therapeutic State
Terrorizes Parents in Jordan, Minnesota,
February, 1985, pp 28-33.
America Goes on Trial in Pensacola,
June, 1985, pp. 11-38.
And This Year's Millstone Award in Catholic
Education Goes to. . ., May, 1985, pp. 13-14.
Catholic U?, May, 1985, pp. 4-7.
Face of Socialism, April. 1985. pp. 47.
Feminist Fetology, January, 1985. pp. 46.
Fidelity Changes Ihe Law, Scptembcr. 1985. p. 5.
Is Notre Dame Still Catholic? Part 11:
The Strange Experiments of Dr. Basu,
September, 1985. pp 25-34.
Legal History in Pensacola. April. 1985. pp 13-14.
Paternity and Atheism. August, 1985. pp. 46.
Politics of Sexual Revenge,
February, 1985. pp. 48.
Red Hot Mamas Move Into The Firehouse.
September. 1985, pp. 11-12.
Religion and Politics American-Style.
December, 1984. pp. 45.
Smut, Sex. and Death in Evansville.
November, 1985. pp. 30-39.
Sol Gordon Explains It All for You,
November, 1985, pp. 46.
Solitary Vice Goes Public. March, 1985. pp. 47.
What Happens When Dad Walks Out?,
July, 1985, pp. 4-7.
Kopaczynski, Germain
Cabbage Patch Theology, May, 1985, pp. 15-17.
Keating, Karl
Court Rapes Statute. September, 1985, pp. 1415.
Review of The Churches the Apostles Left Behind
[Book] by Raymond E. Brown,
March, 1985, pp. 36-38.
Review of The Intellectuals Speak Out About God
[Book] by Roy Abraham Varghese (editor
September, 1985, pp. 35-36.
Review of The Persislent Prejudice: Anti
Catholicism in America
[Book] by Michael
Schwartz, February, 1985, pp. 35-37.
Lavin, Philip J.
Seeing an Altar in the Ruins of an Ancient
Monastery, November, 1985, p. 17.
Law Bernard F.
Alliance with Creative Wisdom and the
Catholic University, May, 1985, pp. 2427.
Loesch, Juli
Review of St. Paul's Children's Magazine
[Magazine], September, 1985, pp. 37-38.
Lofton, John
And Now a Word from Phil Donahue's
Ex-Wife, August, 1985, pp. 19, 22.
Feminist Gets the Picture but Refuses to Look,
April, 1985, p. 24.
Martin, Regis
Meat Market Musings, November, 1985, pp. 28-29.
On Prigs and Things, February, 1985, pp. 22-23.
Review of Falwell: Before the Millennium [Book] by
Dinesh D'Souza December, 1984, pp. 9-10.
Review of Our Right io Choose: Toward a New
Ethic of Aborfion
[Book] by Beverly Wildung
Harrison, September, 1985, pp. 38-39.
Review of Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist
[Book] by Mary Daly,
February, 1985, pp 34-35.
Marx, Paul
The Parish and Pastors, May, 1985, pp. 37-39.
Why Romania Banned Abortion,
August, 1985, p. 24.
May, William E.
Nakedness, the Body, and Sexual Shame
in the Thought of Pope Jobn Paul II
July, 1985, pp. 24-26.
McCandlish, Leo Alex
Concerning Sexual Orientation,
May, 1985, pp. 18-19, 22.
McCartney, John
Miss Lonelyhearts Plays God,
November, 1985, pp. 22-24.
McGovern, Robert F., and Francis A. Carbine
See Carbine, Francis A.
McPherson, Joseph

A Symbolic Victory in Mexico.
April, 1985, pp. 25-28.
Miceli, Vincent P.
Mario Cuomo: Keeper of the Political Cage,
December, 1984, pp. 13-14.
Migliorino, Monica
Artificial Insemination by Husband and the
Dissolution of Covenantal Love,
May. 1985, pp. 28-34.
Mikulich, Milan
What Happened at Medjugorje?,
March, 1985, pp. 13-15.
Mitchell, Timothy A.
The International Argument Against Abortion,
May, 1985. pp. 17-18.
Molnar, Thomas
A New Trial for Luther?, October. 1985, pp, 23-27.
Words to a Future Convert,
October, 1985, pp 13-16.
Penaud, J.S.
Paradise FeignedRemembering Nudism,
July, 1985. pp. 27-29.
Peters, Edward
On Rape: An Immodest Proposal,
February, 1985, pp. 15-16.
Purcell, J.M.
JFKs Catholicism: The Unwritten Book,
December, 1984, pp. 10-11,
Review of Doonesbury lComic Strip] by Gary
Trudeau, September. 1985. pp. 17-18.
Review of Taking It All In [Book]
by Pauline Kael. July, 1985, pp. 30-31.
Review of Two is a Crowd [Motion Picture]
April, 1985, pp. 19, 22,
Reimers, Adrian J.
Peter's First Communion,
October, 1985, pp. 21-22.
Roach, Richard R.
Ann Landers and the Law of God,
March, 1985, pp. 15-17.
St Peter and the Bombers, July, 1985, pp. 18-20.
Rooney, Robert P.
Review of A Blessing of Years [Book] by
Lawrence Shehan, February, 1985, pp. 38-39.
Schall, James V.
Politics at the Origins of Life.
April. 1985, pp. 29-33.
Sockey, Daria
Huswifery, January. 1985, pp. 29-30.
Huswifery, February, 1985, p. 39.
Huswifery, March. 1985, pp. 38-39.
Huswifery April, 1985, pp. 39-40
Huswifery Msy, 1985, pp. 39-40.
Huswifery, June, 1985, p 39.
Huswifery, August, 1985, pp 39-40.
Huswifery, September, 1985, p. 39.
Huswifery: Evangelizing Infants,
October, 1985, pp. 40-41
Huswifery: What Kind of Nut Is She?,
July, 1985, pp. 31-32.
Review of Christaian Families in the Real World by Mitch and Kathy
Finley, May, 1985, pp. 35-36.
Review of The Heart has its Own Reasons:
Mothering Wisdom in the '80s
July, 1985 p. 32.
Sockey, E. William, III
The Innocence Or Father Brown,
March, 1985, pp. 17-18.
Swu, Mary Ellen
Staying Home, July, 1985, pp, 22-23.
Thomas, Raymond
On Drawing Lines, September, 1985, pp. 18-lQ
Timlin, James C.
Bishop Jsmes C. Timlin on the Ferraro Incident,
Media Politics, the Seamless Garment, and
the Role of Bishops, March, 1985, pp. 29-34.
Trehy, Lawrence
In the Porno Dumpster,
November, 1985, pp. 17-18.
Viita, Helvi K.
Review of Hidden Victory: A Novel of Jesus
[Book] by Herbert Francis Smith,
May, 1985, pp. 36-37.
Wegner, Helen Ann
Lust of the Eyes, September, 1985, pp. 12-13.
Whitfield, Donna
Tyranny Masquerades as Charity:
Who Are the Real Child Abusers?,
February, 1985, pp. 24-27.
Young, RV.
Alicia vs. Entropy, February, 1985, p. 27.
Gestation, December, 1984, p. 14.
Sacramental Marriage, January, 1985, p. 25.

Authors Index, Vol. 5. 1986.

Arnold, Mary
A Primer for Radical Mothers,
August 1986, pp. 20-21
Barger, John L.
Friendship: A Basis for Chastity,
September 1986, pp. 12-15.
Bruen, James G.
Clear in Any Language,
November 1986, pp 26-27
Contempt for Contraception,
March, 1986 p 13.
Judicial Restraint, October 1986, pp. 20-21.
NOW's March for Death,
May 1986, pp. 13-15.
The Price of Disobedience, June 1986, p 16.
Why Send a Mother into Space?
April 1986, p. 12.
Button, Susan
My Eleventh Summer: A Tender Introduction,
November 1986, pp. 40-43.
Carbine, Rev. Francis A., and Robert F. McGovern
All the Way to Heaven Is Heaven,
November 1986, p. 28.
Be with Me in Distress, February 1986, p 20.
The Book of the Living Was Opened,
August 1986, p. 26.
Everywhere He Preserves Me,
January 1986, p. 20
The Faithful and True: Justice is His
Standard, April 1986, p. 20.
A Great Sign Appeared in the Sky,
July 1986, p. 26.
I Am the First and I Am the Last,
May 1986, p. 22.
In a Single Hour Your Doom Has Come,
March 1986, p. 24.
No Hurt Shall Be Done,
December 1985, pp. 24-26
A Sign in Thy Hand, Soptember 1986, p 20.
She Sacrificed Everything for Life,
October 1986, p. 22.
The Tree of Life, June 1986, p. 28.
Casteel, Robert
The Feminists Ordain Themselves, but
Which Church Do They Belong To?,
December 1985, pp 12-13
Coulson, W.R.
Killers of Culture, March 1986, pp. 19-23.
Crow, Nancy M.
Listening In on the Listening Sessions,
April 1986, pp. 12-14.
What Do Feminists and Arians Have in
Common? May 1986, pp. 18-19.
What's Christian About Christian
Feminism? December 1985, pp. 9-11.
DeMarco, Donald
Are R.E.A.L. Women Even Women?
April 1986, pp. 18-19.
Diary of an Embattled "Sexist,"
April 1986, pp. 9-11.
Pornography as Educator: Scenarios for a
Sick Society, November 1986, pp. 30-38.
DeMetz, Kaye
Are You My Mother? Or Not?
August 1986, pp. 16-17
Diamond, E.F.
AMA in Lockstep vith the Death Lobby,
July 1986, pp. 24-25.
Doyle, Msgr. Charles Hugo
Getting Back Into the Habit,
November 1986, pp. 19-22
Drogin, Elasah
Margaret Sanger and the Nazi Connection,
July 1986, pp 28-32.
Dubay, Rev. Thomas
The Taming of Catholicism,
June 1986, pp 21-24.
Ederer, Rupert J.
Liberation Philosophy and Catholic Social
Teaching, August 1986, pp. 36-42.
Fitzgerald, James P.
The Bishops and the Banking System,
August 1986, pp. 32-35.
Goldkamp, Dick
John Paul II and the Changing of the
Guard, June 1986, pp. 30-35.
Healy, T.R.
In the Dragon's Mouth,
February 1986, pp 13-15.
Hitchcock, James
Charismatics Told to Abandon Hope,
May 1986, pp. 11-12.
The State of American Catholicism:
Bishop Malone's Report to the Synod,
January 1986, pp. 25-28.
Horn, Carl
Religion and Values in Public School Text
books: Government Study Shows Bias,
February 1986, pp. 19-24.
Hull, Helen
Letter to a Feminist, April 1986, pp 14-17.
Jaki, Rev. Stanley
The Case for Galileo's Rehabilitation,
March 1986, pp. 37 40.
Jones, E. Michael
Blueprint for a Revolution: The Canadian
Bishops Issue Their Kit on Women,
April 1986, pp. 20-34.
The Betrayal of the Jews, July 1986, pp. 4-6.
Cardinal Law Speaks Out,
June 1986, pp. 36-42.
Chummy Cardinals, January 1986, pp. 4-6.
Is Notre Dame Above the Law?
June 1986, pp. 4-6
Sex, Death and the Single Girl at
Saint Mary's, September 1986, pp. 32-43.
What Lesbian Nuns Can Teach Us About
Vatican II, December 1985, pp. 16-26.
What the Synod Means for the Church,
February 1986, pp 22-39.
Kennedy, Rev. Leonard
A Crisis for Catholic Philosophy,
June 1986, pp. 17-19.
Kuharski, Mary Ann
Hope for Catholic Education,
September 1986, pp. 18-19.
Lomas, Richard J.
Prelates, Projectiles & Perspective,
March 1986, pp. 16-17.
Long, Kevin G.
An Adulterated History of Sex,
February 1986, pp. 15-16.
The First Hundred Minutes,
October 1986, pp. 19-20.
MacFarlane, William, Jr.
The Good Girls Dilemma,
September 1986, pp. 15-17.
Marra, William A.
Clothing the Human Body,
November 1986, pp. 23-26.
Marx, Rev. Paul
The IUD Industry On Trial,
June 1986, pp. 26-27.
McCartney, James J., Jr.
Purple Rose, March 1986, p. 15.
McDonough, Rev. Ignatius, S.A
Our Double Standard of Prosperity,
August 1986, pp. 28-31.
Migliorino, Monica
The Myth of Prolife Violence,
October 1986, pp. 16-18.
Miravalle, Mark
Medjugorje: Its Marian Message,
May 1986, pp. 16-18.
Mitchell, Dr. Timothy A.
Governor Cuomo and the Policy of
Consensus, June 1986, pp. 25-26.
Moczar, Diano
Father Curran's Quarrel with God,
June 1986, pp. 19-21.
Morrow, Rev. Thomas
Politicized Religion,
January 1986, pp. 23-24.
O'Brien, Edward, Jr.
Supernatural Events in the Modcrn World,
November 1986, pp. 16-19.
The Heavy Hand of Femspeak,
December 1985, p. 13.
Pacwa, Rev. Mitchell C., SJ.
Femininity in God? January 1986, pp. 16-18.
Perrotta, Kevin
Is There a Future for Catholic-Evangelical
Cooperation? May 1986, pp. 24-29.
Popek, Msgr. Alphonse S., J.C.D.
Who Is to Be Denied a Catholic Funeral?
May 1986, pp. 19-24.
Porter, B.J.
Catholics and Jews in Albany,
July 1986, pp. 20-22.
Purcell, J..M.
Birth Control Statistics and ZPG Myths,
August 1986, pp. 24-25.
Milk Toast. March 1986, pp. 17-18.
Quay, Rev. Paul M., S.J.
Conscientious Catholics and Birth Control:
A Response to Father Overberg,
January 1986, pp. 29-34.
Reimers, Adrian J.
Charismatic Covenant Community:
A Failed Promise, May 1986, pp. 3040.
Rini, Suzanne M.
Report from Nada: The Hermits Stage a
Comeback, October 1986, pp. 34-35.
Rubin, Jeffrey
"Devalued'' People and the Sanctity of Life.
February 1986, p. 17.
Shapiro, Samuel
Blaming the Victim: Shoah,
Polish Catholics and the Holocaust,
July 1986, pp. 34-39.
Sockey, Daria
Huswifery/St. Nick and the Arians,
December 1985, pp. 46-47.
Huswifery, January 1986, pp. 38-39.
Huswifery, March 1986, pp. 46-47.
Huswifery, May 1986, pp. 46-47.
Steichen, Donna
From Convent to Coven: Catholic
Neo-Pagans at the Witches' Sabbath,
December 1985, pp. 27-37.
The Goddess Comes to Mundelein College,
September 1986, pp. 22-31.
Storck, Thomas
The Attack on the Family and the
Secularizing of the Social Order,
August 1986, pp. 21-24.
Thomas, Raymond
Doing in Church, January 1986, pp. 18-19.
Trehy, Lawrence
Theme Music for the Fiend,
November 1986, pp. 15-16.
Vanauken, Sheldon
The Iron Law of Home,
August 1986, pp. 17-19.
Vitz, Paul C.
The Psychology of Atheism:
The Theory of the Defective Father,
March 1986, pp. 29-36.
Wagner, David
Anti-Semitism, Anti-Christianism,
and Antichrist, July 1986, pp. 23-24.
White, William G., M.D.
Mary, Virgin and Mother,
January 1986, pp. 19-23.
Windolph, Rev. Michael
Santa's Not for Kids,
December 1985, pp.l4-15.
Wrenn, Msgr. Michael J.
Anatomy of a Translation,
October 1986, pp. 14-16.

Authors Index, Vol. 6. 1987.

Bauer, Burnie
The Night the KKK Came for My Father,
January 1987, pp 20-21
Bethell, Tom
San Francisco on the Eve of the
Pope's Visit, October 1987, pp 23-31
Blocker, Martha
The Occult Roots of Modern Art,
April 1987, pp 26-28.
Bruen, James G., Jr.
AIDS An Opportunity for Repentance,
February 1987, p 17
Captain Hook in Drag,
September 1987, p 21
Koop de Theatre, April 1987, pp 14-16
Butler, Richard, O.P.
Are They Really "Gay"?,
October 1987, pp 12-14
Button, Susan
The Power of LoveThe Power to Endure,
September 1987, pp 14-16
Cameron, Paul
Homosexuality: Our Number One Health
Problem, February 1987, pp. 10-14
Campbell, Charles M.
After Eden and Gethsemane,
January 1987, p 46
Beatific, June 1987, p 41
Child, Child, June 1987, p. 41
Confirmed in Grace, January 1987, p. 32.
Epitaph for Mystical Dying,
June 1987, p 13.
No Secular Celibate, January 1987, p 46
Round Trip, April 1987, p. 36
Capestany, E.J.
"Verbal Engineering" and the "Autonomy"
of Catholic Universities,
December, 1986, pp 11-13
Carbine, Francis A., and Robert F. McGovern
American Roots and Catholic Vision,
January 1987, pp 26-27
"I Am a Leper Blessed Be God,"
December 1986, pp 18-19
Strangers and Aliens No Longer,
March 1987, pp 1~17, 29
Caswell, Gay
Socialism in Saskatchewan: Background
Notes for the Death of Our Family
Magazine, February 1987, pp 19-21.
Collopy, Anne Marie
Reconciliation Revisited: A Look at the
Sacrament in the 1980s,
May 1987, pp. 13-15
Coulson, W.R.
The Californication of Carl Rogers,
November 1987, pp 20-31
DeMarco, Donald
The Scope and Character of Catholic
Education, June 1987, pp 32-41
Surrogate Motherhood:
The Commercialization of Procreation,
April 1987, pp 16-21
Derrick, Christopher
Review of Chance or Reality and
Other Essays
[Book] by Stanley L Jaki,
June 1987, pp 47-48.
Diamond, Eugene
AIDS and Advocate Science,
October 1987, pp 10-12
Caesar's Groin: McBrien's Rules for
Abortion Debate,
Juiy-August 1987, pp 25-26
Doyle, David
Review of Religious Education and the
Future: Essays in Honour of Patrick
[book], ed Dermot A Lane,
June 1987, pp 42-46
Ederer, Rupert J.
Pius IX: A Pope for "Papalaters,"
May 1987, pp. 6-9
Fitzgerald, James P.
The Bishops' Economics Pastoral: Not on
the Money, January 1987, pp 22-24.
The Devil in Antoine Gay,
April 1987, pp. 24-26.
Francis, Babette
In Vitro Fertilization and
the Feminist Dilemma: "This Is Jenny,"
April 1987, pp. 21-23.
Goldkamp, Dick
Prolifers Without a Prayer: Courts Enjoin
the World to Protect Abortion
July-August 1987, pp 10-15
Sandinista Disinformation
Hooking the Big Fish in the U.S Media,
March 1987, p 38-43.
Gudowitz, Stuart
Review of To Be a Revolutionary: An Auto
[book] by James Guadalupe
Carney, September 1987, pp 47-48.
Hale, John P.
Gay Rights Where It Stands and What's
to Come, November 1987, pp 13-17.
Harrison, Brian W.
Review of Humanae Vitae e Infallibilita:
il Concillo, Paolo VI e Giovanni Paolo II

[book] by Ermenegildo Lio, O. F. M.,
November 1987, pp 43-48.
Hitchcock, Helen Hull
A Pastoral on Women,
September 1987, pp 19-20
Unintentional Humor,
December 1986, pp 16-17
Hughes, Terence J.
AIDS, Abortion, and Planned Parenthood
October 1987, 15-18.
Jones, E. Michael
Abortion Mill Rescue: Are Sit-Ins the
Answer?, July-August 1987, pp 28-37
Exegesis as Weapon: An Evening with
Professor Sheehan, June 1987, pp. 20-31
Four-Hundred-Pound Epigone Named to
Head ND, January 1987, pp 14-18.
Mission Impossible: Jesuits at War with
the Church, March 1987, pp 30-43.
The Pope and the Condom Worshippers,
October 1987, pp. 32-44.
Portrait of a Dissembler:
Father McBrien and the New Dissent,
December 1986, pp 20-33
Requiem for a Magazine: The Sodomization of the Catholic Press in
Saskatchewan, February 1987, pp 22-36
Review of The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus
and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic
[book] by Malachi Martin,
March 1987, pp. 45-46.
Review of Renewal [bookl by Russell Shaw,
April 1987, pp. 47-48
Ten More Years of Dissent: Notre Dame
Marks Its Progress Away from
the Church, July-August 1987, pp. 2-4
Where Does Bishop D'Arcy Stand?.
March 1987, pp. 2-4
Witchcraft at Indiana University,
May 1987, pp 20-28.
Keating, Karl
Review of Fifty Questions on Abortion,
Euthanasia, and Related Issues
by Charles Rice, July-August 1987, p 46.
Review of The Secret Teachings of Jesus:
Four Gnostic Gospels
January 1987, pp. 45-46.
Keezadeck, Mel
Standing During the Eucharistic Prayer
Dissent in Practice,
November 1987, pp 17-19.
Kelly, James
Turning Liberals into Fascists
A Case Study of the Distortion of
the Right-to-Life Movement,
July-August 1987, pp 17-22.
Kennedy, Leonard A., C.S.B.
The Bishops and Their Universities,
June 1987, pp 12-14
The New Commentary on the Code
December 1986,p 14.
Kilpatrick, William Kirk
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