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Authors Index, Vol. 7. 1988.
Benofy, Dr. Susan

A statistical Analysis of Testimony Quoted in the Pastoral on Women, June 1988, pp. 18-19.

Bozell, Patricia B.
The Polish Church, The Worker's Movement, September 1988, pp.12

Bradley, Robert I., S.J.
Mary for Today, September 1988, pp. 47-48.
Mother of the Redeemer, Mother of the Redeemed, September 1988, pp.47-48.

Bruen, James G., Jr.

The Fairest One of All, June 1988, pp.

Surrogates and Spinsters, February
1988, pp. 23-24.

Vocations Support Program, January
1988. pp. 22-24.

Spare That Tree, December 1988. pp.

Camaltan, O

The Prophecy of Jacinta Concerning

Portugal, March 1988, pp. 20-22.

Campbell, Charles M.
Onee Body, One Spirit, January 1988, p. 38

Not All the Fine Arts Are Lethal, January 1988, p. 38.

Secular Schools, April 1988, p. 47.

Case, Thomas W.
The Fatima Crusaders: Anatomy of a
Schism, October 1988, pp. 37-44
Freedom of Choice, San Francisco Style,
July/August 1988 pp. 8-10.

DeMarco, Donald E.
Love Among the Test Tubes: Louise
Brown Turns 10; Humanae Vitae
Turns 20, November 1988, pp. 28-

The Vatican Instruction and the Plight
ofthe Infertile Couple, May 1988, pp.14-17.

Diamond, Eugene F., M.D.
The Consistent Ethic in an Election
Year, October 1988. pp. 16- 18.

Doino, William Jr.
Is Fidelity Too Negative?, January 1988,
pp. 11-14.

Donovan, James
Bayside Unveiled: The Blessed Mother
'Fakes a Beating from Her "Friends,"
March 1988. pp. 34-42.

Civil War in Carmel: There are Eight Million Liberal/ Conservative Stories in this Country This Isn't One of Them, December 1988, pp. 34-45.

Dooley, David
Raw Judicial Power, Canadian Style, July/August 1988, pp. 35-43

Dubay, Thomas Rev., S.M.
Criticism: Rightand Wrong, April 1988, pp. 12-16.

Ederer, Rupert J.
The Birth Dearth, April 1988, pp. 4547.

Conservative Concern about the Encyclical on Social Conccrns, December 1988, pp. 14-20.

Fox, Robert J. Rev.
The Birth of a New Apostolate: Another look at Fatima, October 1988, pp 8-13.

Francis, Babette
Rome or the Bush: The Choice for Aulstralian Catholics ,January 1988, pp. 47-48.

Gail, B.J.
A Businessman's Commentary on the Holy Father's Address to the American Bishops. February 1988, pp. 20-21.

Goldkamp, Dick
Bishop Vega and The Shadow Church in America, June 1988, pp. 20-27.

Grady, Larry
Sisters at War in Boston, November
1988, pp. 24-26.

Groarke, John
Canada's Contraceptive Tax System,
June 1988, pp. 15-16.

Gudowitz, Stuart
Jewish ldentity, February 1988, p.48.

Mustard Seeds: A Conservative Becomes a Catholic, February 1988,
pp. 47-48.

The New Catholics, February 1988, pp.
47 -48.

Harrison, Brian W., S.T.L., Rev.
Grenada: Our Lady Defeats the "Error
of Russia", September 1988, pp 8-12.

Herron, Thomas J.
A Liberated Church Faces the Modern World, February 1988, pp. 21-23.

Hinshaw, John
Aborted Women - Silent No More July/August 1988, pp 44-45.

Hitchcock, Helen Hull.
Mysterious Partners: Bishops and Feminists Unite in Undermining The Church, June 1988, pp. 28-33.

Hitchcock, James
Bishops, Burcaucrats and AIDS: The Crisis of The New Class May 1988 pp 32-37

Johnson, Marie
A Walk Through the Dark Valley, March 1988, pp. 25-27.

Jones, E. Michael
Homosexual as Subversive:The Double Lite of Sir Anthony Blunt, May 1988
pp. 18-31.

Marija Pavlovic Changes Her Mind, November 1988, p. 19.

Medjugorje: The Untold Story, September 1988, pp. 15-41.

Medjugorje: The Untold Story, October 1988, pp. 20-36.

Requiem for a Liturgist: Endgame Dissent at Notre Dame. January 1988, pp. 28-38.

Samoa Lost: Margaret Mead, Cultural Relativism, and The Guilty Imagination, February 1988, pp. 26-37.

Send Up the Clowns. April 1988, pp. 16-17.

You Toucha my apparition, I Breaka your Face, Dccember 1988, pp. 12

Who is "Father Paul Leonard" and Why Is He Saying Such Terrible Things About Us?, October 1988, pp. 18

Kahabka, Mark
Eugenics Revisited, July/August 1988, pp. 13-16.

Kennedy Leonard A., C.S.B.
Liberalism and Death, May 1988, pp. 13-14.

Our 'Catholic" Colleges, April 1988 pp. 18019.

Back-up Theology: The Bishops and AIDS, February 1988. p. 19.

Krause, Edward Rev., Ph.D.
The Italians and the Holocaust. November 1988. pp. 47-48.

Lenta, Clementine
Fatima Once More. March 1988, pp.15

Loesch, Juli
Operation Rescue, July/August 1988, pp. 17-26

Long, Kevin G.
Great Books and Liberal Education, Janury 1988, pp. 24-26

Maloney, Marlene J.
Phillip II, April 1988, p. 48.
The Fatima Controversy: Has the Consecration of Russia Been Made?, March 1988, pp. 28-33.
Medjugorje Comes to Texas: One "Apparition" at Lubbock, November 1988, pp. 16-17.
Marra, William A.
Children as Pets and Vice-Versa. July/August 1988, pp. 10-12.
How the Courts killed the Game of Chess, January 1988, pp. 15-19.
Martin, Regis
Full of Grace, March 1988, pp. 23-24.
Migliorino, Monica M.
Pet Lawn Cemetary and the Last Work of Mercy, July/August 1988 pp. 27-34.
Mulloy, John J.
Episcopal Authority and the Catholic Laity, April 1988, pp. 10-11.
Molnar, Thomas
Eglise, Oecumenisme et Politique , June 1988, pp. 46-48.
O'Brien, Edward Jr.
Conversation at the Round Table, January 1988, pp.19-22.
Phillips, John
Catholicism Makes a Comeback: Archbishop Ambrozic Takes on the Educational Establishment in Toronto, January 1988, pp. 39-43.
Quay, Effie Alley
It was the Woman you Put with Me: Archbishop Mahoney's Pastoral on Women, February 1988, pp. 14-18.
The Opening of the American Mind, June 1988, pp. 39-43.
Reynolds, Paul J.
Beyond Abortion: A Chronicle in Fetal Experimentation, July/August 1988, pp. 46-48.
Rini, Suzanne M.
The Sisters Who Stayed Behind: The Religious Retirement Crisis Up Close, April 1988, pp. 34-43
G. K Chesterton. Collected Works,
March 1988, pp. 46-48.
La face cachee de Medjugorje,
September 1988 pp. 42-46.
Gnosticism Guilt and Human Sacrifice, November 1988, pp. 21-24.
Rooney, David
The Catholic Church in World Politics
March 1988, pp. 43-44.
The Catholic Movement: TheParadox of
the Church inthe Postmodern World
June 1988, pp. 44-46.
Weimar amd the Vatican, March 1988,
p. 45.
Tranquilitatis Ordinis, May 1988, pp.
People, Priests, and Prelates: Ecclesiastical Democracy and the Tensions of Trusteeism, October 1988, pp. 46-48.
The Consolatlon of the Roman Catholic Church In Ireland,
November 1988, pp. 44-45.
Keeping the Faith: American Catholicism Past and Present,
December1988, pp. 47-48.
Schwartz, Michael
Government As Babysitter: Easy as
ABC, June 1988, pp. 34-43. The AIDS Paper and the Politics of
Homosexuality, May 1988, pp. 10-13.
Rightfrom the Beginning, November
1988, pp. 42-44.
Steichen, Donna
Trust the Truth: Humanae Vitae and
the Signs of theTimes, October 1988,
pp. 13-16.
Showdown in St. Louis: Catholic Laity
1, Proabortion Nuns 0, April 1988.
pp. 20-32. The Battle for the Microphone! Who
Speaks forWomen?, December 1988,
pp. 24-32.
Stratton, Charles A., lV.
Bright People Don't Believe in God,
June 1988, pp. 13-14.
Szelle, Jerrilyn
The Incarnation in a Divided World,
November 1988, pp. 46-47.
Wilson, Joseph F., Rev.
The Cure d'Ars Today, October 1988,
pp. 45-46.
The Feast of Faith: Approaches to a
Theology of the Liturgy,
1988, pp. 46-47.
Wrenn, Michael J., Monsignor
Faith and Culture: A Multicultral
Catechetical Resource,
February1988, pp. 45-46.
Young, R.V.
The Closing of the American Mind: How
Higher Education Has failed demoracy and Impoverished the
Souls of Today's Students,January
1988, pp.
Academic Freedom and Its Discontents, November 1988, pp. 34-
Zimmerman, Anthony S.V.D.
Original Sin: When Did it Happen?,
February 1988, pp. 38-44.

Authors Index, Vol. 8. 1989.
Burreiro, Father Ignacio
Three Recent Popes. January,
1989. pp. 46-48.
The Superiority of Celibacy.
April, 1989. pp. 46-48.
In Defense of Humanae Vitae.
June, 1989. pp. 45-47.
Bradley, Rev. Robert I., S.J.
False Start. May, 1989. p. 46.
Bruen, James G., Jr.
A Saint For Our Times. June,
1989. pp. 16-17.
Barney Frank: Just One of the
Guys. October, 1989. pp.
12- 14.
Cold Fusion Confusion.
October, 1989. pp. 18-19.
Hell? No. We Won't Go.
September, 1989. pp. 46
Spare That Tree. December,
1988. pp. 20-22.
The Second Missouri
Compromise: According to
the Supreme Court,
Unborn Babies Are Still
Persona Non Grata.
October, 1989. pp. 26-31.
Button, Susan
Whatever Happened to
Purgatory? November,
1989. pp. 18-22.
Case, Thomas W.
An Ugly Littlee "Christian" Cult.
January, 1989. pp. 16-19.
Lucifer Rising. May, 1989. pp.
16- 17.
TFP: Catholic or Cult. May,
1989. pp. 22-29.
The Mooning of America's
Conservatives: How the
Unification Church Went
from Being a Cult to Being
Respectable. March, 1989.
pp. 38-44.
The World Turned Upside
Down: Death's Defenders
in Sunnyvale Californla.
June, 1989. pp. 34-40.
Collins, Michael D.
AIDS: The Virus of Immorality.
June, 1989. pp. 42-43.
Collopy, Anne Marie
Animal Rights: A Catholic
Response to a Growlng
Movement. January, 1989.
pp. 23-25.
Cross, Nancy M.
Pride and PreJudice: How Our Girls Get Taught.
June, 1989. pp. 18-20.
The Dry Wood: Feminism,
Hosea and Jesus. January,
1989. pp. 19-22.
DeMarco, Donald
Reproductive Technology and
Feminist Ideology.
November, 1989. pp. 9-16.
Rights vs. Responsibilities.
March, 1989. pp. 46-47.
What Do You Say to an Aborted
Father? February, 1989.
pp. 15-17.
Derrick, Christopher
Brave New Church. July/August, 1989. pp.18-21.
Donovan, James
Civil War in Carmel: There are
Eight Million Liberal/
Conservatlve Stories in
this Country. This Isn't
One of them. December,
1988. pp. 34-45.
Dooley, D.J.
Barbara and the Abortion Mill:
A Canadian Tragedy.
September. 1989. pp. 14
The Pied Piper and the Condom
Crusade. April, 1989. pp.
Ederer, Rupert J.
Conservative Concern About
the Encyclical On Social
Concerns. December,
1988. pp. 14-20.
The False Goddess: Liberty.
July/August, 1989. pp.
Garvey, Joseph
Cults and the Family. March,
1989. pp. 19-23.
Only the Dogs and the Firehoses Were Missing. June, 1989.
The Restoration of Nazareth: Priviledged Place and Sanctuary.
October, 1989. pp. 23-25.
Goodwin, Scott
Real Absence. February, 1989.
pp. 47-48.
Graham, Patrick
Masonry and Public Policy.
January. 1989. pp. 45-46.
Harrison, Rev. Brian W.
The Church, Archbishop Lefebvre, and Religious Tolerance.
October, 1989. pp. 38-44.
Hays, Charlotte
Fr. Stallings Founds His Dream Church.
September, 1989. pp. 24-26.
Hinshaw, John
Destroying Abortion from Within.
March, 1989. p. 48.
Honore, Jean, Archbishop of Tours
The Tide of Vain Credulity: The Church's Role in Apparitions.
July/August,1989. pp. 22-23.
August, 1989. pp. 18-21.
Jones, E. Michael
How Long? How Long? Baby,
How Long?June, 1989.
pp. 14-15.
L'Affaire Stallings, or a Short
Treatise on Beating Your
Mother in Public. October,
1989. pp. 10-12.
Liberal Guilt Cookies.
February, 1989. pp. 11 - 15.
Marty's Christ Comes to Notre
Dame: The Last
Temptation of Catholic
Education. November,
1989. pp. 22-33.
Rationalized Lust. September,
1989. pp. 43-45.
The Case Against Kinsey. April,
1989. pp. 22-35.
The Cult, The Statue, and the
Fall of the Canadian
Layman. May, 1989. pp.
The Kidnapplng of Sister Mary
Cecilia. March, 1989. pp.
You Toucha My Apparition, I
Breaka You Face.
December, 1988. pp. 12
Kelly, Kllthleen
Abortion, The Occult, Healing.
March, 1989. pp. 13- 18.
Kendall, George A.
Is the New Age Really New?
November. 1989. pp. 16
Klaus, Hanna, M.D.
The Importance of Being a
Bodily Person. April, 1989.
pp. 15-18.
Krause, Rev. Edward
The Forgotten Holocaust.
November, 1989. pp. 44-46.
Lofton, John
Murderous Science. April,
1989. pp. 20-21.
Maloney, Marlene
Columbus and Our Lady.
October, 1989. pp. 14-17.
Cults, Sects & The New Age.
July/August, 1989. pp.
Family Feud or Standing With
the Church. March, 1989.
pp. 23-25.
Necedah Revisited: Anatomy of
a Phony Apparition.
February, 1989. pp. 18-34.
Marino, Brother James, O.S.B.
The Shroud of Turin and the
Carbon 14 Controversy.
February, 1989. pp. 36-45.
Marlin, George J. and Richard P. Rabatin
Freemasonry, Gnosticlsm, and
the Catholic Church.
January, 1989. pp. 37-43.
Migliorino, Monica
Martin Klein and the Ethics of
Isolation. May, 1989. pp.
12- 16.
Miller, Edmund
The Right of Privacy and the
Autonomous Person.
October, 1989. pp. 19-23.
Monica, Mary
Abortion in Case of Rape? A
Crime Victim Tells Her
Story. March, 1989. pp.10-11.
Nash, Thomas J.
Death Before Dishonor.
September, 1989. pp. 17
Father Girzone's Joshua:
Christianity Without the
Cross. July/August, 1989.
pp. 36-45.
O'Brien, Edward, Jr.
Of Galileo and Dr. Asimov.
April, 1989. pp. 10-13.
Rini, Suzanne
Disorder and Early Sorrow: Sex
Education as Moral
Seduction. April, 1989. pp.
36 -42.
Dogmatic Atheism.April, 1989.
pp. 44-46
The Abortion Empire Strikes
Back: Police Brutality and
Operatlon Rescue. June,
1989. pp. 22-32.
Rooney, David
American Catholicism, Past
and Present. December,
1988. pp. 47-48.
Confederate Catholics. October,
1989. pp. 33-35.
John Ireland: Inveterate
Dabbler In Vatican Politics.
July/August, 1989. pp.
Schwartz, Michael
Popery Strikes Back. May,
1989. pp. 47-48.
Speaking the Unspeakable.
November, 1989. pp. 46
Steichen, Donna
Matthew Fox: Lost in the
Cosmos. January, 1989.
pp. 26-35.
St. Boniface on the Couch:
Psychology As Religion,
Minnesota Style.
September, 1989. pp. 28
The Battle for the Microphone!
Who Speaks for Women?
December, 1988. pp. 24
Storck, Thomas
The Four Temperaments,
September, 1989. pp. 19
Szelle, Jerrilyn
A Rocking Horse Catholic.
April, 1989. p. 48.
Designer Deities. October,
1989. pp. 35-37.
von Hildebrand, Alice, Ph.D.
Edith Stein: Dld She Betray Her
People? May, 1989. pp. 18
von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Erik
Operation Parricide: Sade,
Robesplerre, and the
French Revolutlon. July/
August, 1989. pp. 30-34.
Wilson, Rev. Joseph F.
Chaos and Liturgy. December,
1988. pp. 46-47.
Prayers for the Family. June,
1989. pp. 44-45.
Zimmerman, Rev. Anthony
The Angelic Doctor and the Birth Control Pill: Why Aquinas was Kept Out of Humanae Vitae.
November, 1989. pp. 35

Authors Index, Vol. 9. 1990.
Barreiro, Fr. Ignacio
Freedom in Accord wlth Nature.
October, 1990. pp. 44-45.
Keeping the Cult In Culture.
February, 1990, pp. 39-41.
The Suppressed Jesus.
January, 1990, pp. 45-46
Brew, Arthur J.
Is USF Still Catholic? April,
1990. pp. 23-24.
Bruckbauer, David
Pagan Ethics: The Nancy
Cruzan Case. February, 1990, pp.11-14
The Weigal Project: A Distorted
Model of Unity. May.1990.
pp. 41-44.
Bruen, James G., Jr.
An Excllent History of
Communism. December.
1990. p, 48.
And the Wall Came Tumbling
Down. January, 1990. p. 11.
Bitter Pills. December, 1990.
pp. 14-16.
By Design. November, l99O. p.
Don't Contracept Except.
October, 1990. p. 41.
I Will Never Forget You.
January, 1990. pp. 40-41.
Marriage and Family. March,
1990. pp. 43-44.
Pieper's Wisdom. February,
1990. p. 46.
Playmate for Life. February,
1990. pp. 15-16.
Short Endings. February, 1990.
Short Endings. March, 1990.
pp. 24-25.
Short Endings. April. 1990. p.
Short Endings. May, 1990. pp.
Short Endings. June, 1990. pp.
Short Endings. July/August,
1990. pp. 26-27.
Short Endings. September,
1990. pp. 18-20.
Short Endings. October, 1990.
pp. 20-21.
Short Endings. November,
1990. pp. 22-23.
Thirtysomething Miracles. April
1990. pp. 43-44.
Who Framed Jessica Rabblt?
March, 1990. pp. 23-24.
Women at War With
Themselves. October,
1990. pp. 11-13.
Case, Thomas W.
A Requiem for the Hemlock
Society. June, 1990. pp.
Satanism Rising: It's 1990: Do
You Know Where Your
Children Are? January, 1990, pp. 20-29
DeMarco, Donald
Catholic Fundamentals.
January, 1990. p. 43.
Keeping Your Kids Catholic?
November, 1990. p. 48.
Marriage for One: Self
Insemination and the
Expendability of Men.
March, 1990. pp. 15-19.
Procreative Love. October,
1990. p. 47.
Religious Liberty and
Contraception. January,
1990. p. 42.
The Curran Case in Retrospect:
A Dissection of Dissent.
July/August, 1990. pp.
Diamond,Eugene, M.D.
It is Time to Give Up on the
AMA. September, 1990.
pp. 13-14.
Ederer, Rupert J.
If I Were Kind of Poland. May,
1990. pp. 35-40.
The Cult of the Amazons.
December, 1989, pp. 9- 14.
Garvey, Joseph
The Homofascist Invaslon of St.
Patrick's Cathedral: The
Curtain Goes Up on the
Gay'90s. February, 1990.
pp. 24-30.
Jones, E. Michael
A Tale of Texas.
June, 1990 pp. 45-46.
And Now A Word from Nelson
Mandela's First Wife. June,
1990. p. 14.
Biography Is Destiny.
December, 1989. pp. 41
Coming to Africa. March, 1990.
p. 23.
Consistant Animal Rights.
April, 1990. pp. 13-14.
Cubism as Sexual Loathing:
The Case Against Picasso.
October, 1990, pp. 32-39.
Earth Day for Ira: How the '60s
Got Cut into Pieces and
Stuffed into a Trunk. April,
1990. pp.36-42.
Eric Gill's Secret Life.
November, 1990. pp. 41
Find the Racist in the Picture.
March, 1990. pp. 21-22.
Sigmund and Minna and Carl
and Sabina: The Birth of
Psychoanalysis out of the
Personal Lives of the
Founders. December. 1989. pp. 31-40.
Speak for Yourself, Sol:
Masturbation, Notre
Dame-Style. March, 1990.
pp. 13-14.
Sympathy for the Devil: Jung,
Faust and the Occult.
January, 1990, pp. 30-39.
The Future that Failed: Modern
Architecture as Antifamily
Ideology. November, 1990.
pp. 24-40.
The Blob Goes over the Wall:
Eastem Europe in the
Aftermath of the
Revolution of '89. July/
August, 1990. pp. 28-43.
The Blob Goes Over the Wall:
Liberalism Slouches
Toward Budapest to be
Bom. September, 1990.
The Dimmesdale Syndrome:
Why People Have to
Confess. February, 1990.
pp. 31-38.
The Communists Draw a Moral
from Father Ritter's
Demise. May, 1990, pp.
The Many Faces of Cardlnal
Bernardin. March, 1990.
pp. 26-41.
Understatement of the Year
Award. June, 1990. p. 13
Kendall, George A.
The Drug War: A Losing Battle?
January, l99O. pp. 12-14
The "Gay Rights" Cover-up.
September, 1990. pp. 14-16.
Krason, Stephen M., Esq., Ph.D.
Preservlng and Promoting the
Catholic Intellectual
Heritage: The Marian
Institute for Advanced
Studies. July/August,
1990. pp. 23-25.
Kuharski, Mary Ann
Satanic Seductions. December,
1989. pp. 18-20.
Lofton, John
Fear and Loathing on the
Oprah Show. July/August,
1990. pp. 23-25
Mario Cuomo, Abortion, Capital
Punishment and Dwarf
Tossing: Testing the Limits
of Free Choice. October,
1990. pp. 14-16.
Maloney, Marlene
The Battle for the Mystical
Mind: Can Cults be
Catholic? June, 1990. pp.
What a Difference 13 Days
Make. March, 1990. pp.
Manly Doris
Sodom and Begorrah: "Gay"
Legislation in Ireland.
October, 1990. pp. 22-31.
Marlin, G.K, and Richard P. Rabatin
G.K. Chesterton on Eugenics.
June, 1990. pp. 33-43.
Miller, Edmund B.
Three Cheers for Death.
October, 1990. pp. 17-19.
Millward, Peter, S. J.
Who was C.S. Lewis?
September, 1990. pp. 43
Molnar, Thomas
The East Isn't Red Anymore:
The Role of Church and
Nationalism In the
Revolutlon of 1989. May,
1990. pp 28-34
Podias, Leon J.
Susan B. Anthony and the Bad
Dudes. December, 1990.
pp 43-44.
Reilly, John J.
First Marxism, Then Feminism:
The Intellectual Domino
Theory? May, 1990. pp.
11 - 14.
Rini, Suzanne
HIV Babies: The Innocent
Victims of the AIDS
Epidemic. September,
1990 pp. 22-32
Bernard Nathanson and the
Holy Innocents. February,
1990. pp. 16-21.
Medjugorje: The Three Dollar
Bill. July/August, 1990.
pp. 13-19.
The Death of Abbie Hoffman:
Yippie as Endgame. April,
1990. pp. 28-35.
War on the Womb. April, 1990.
pp. 46-48.
Rodgers, Charles
The German Roots of Catholic
Social Teaching.
November, 1990. pp. 46
Rooney, David
An Order in Trouble. March,
1990. pp. 47-48.
Desperately Seeking Gilbert.
October, 1990. pp. 42-43.
Double Standard In Education.
February, 1990. pp. 47-48.
Hard Knox, Easy Knox.
January, 1990. p. 44.
Modernist Apologetics.
December, 1989. pp. 45-46.
Secularism's Berlin Wall.
March, 1990. pp. 44-46.
The Bible in Academe.
September, 1990. pp. 45
Totem and Taboo Exposed:
Why Freud Hated Father
Schmidt. December, 1989.
pp. 22-30.
Skrable, Burman
Diet Sex. September, 1990. pp.
Humanae Vitae in the Closet: A
Conversatton with Father.
April, 1990. pp. 20-22.
The Case of the Disappearing
Modernist. January, 1990.
pp 15-17.
Sacerdos, A
Mother Teresa: "I Gotta Be Me!"
November, 1990. p. 16.
Schramm, Glenn N.
Moral Decay The Parallels
Between Ancient Athens
and the Contemporary
West. September, 1990.
pp. 11-13.
Shaneyfelt, Davld A.
Halfway to Heaven. January,
1990. p. 47-48.
The Supreme Court Rejects the
Sacramental Use of Peyote:
One More Slam at Religton
or Good Constitutional
Law? November, 1990. pp.
Smith, Pricscilla
Maggie's Lamentation. April
1990. pp. 44-45.
Storck, Thomas
American Idolatry. May, 1990.
Sullivan, James
Catholic Neoconservatives.
December, 1989. pp. 46-47.
Catholic Radicalism Before the Fall.
November, 1990. pp. 43-46.
Clerical Confessions.
July/August, 1990. pp. 45-47.
Szelle, Jerrilyn
Domestic Piety.
June, 1990. p. 48.
Wagner, David
A New Life of Opus Dei's Founder.
May, 1990. pp. 45-47.
Wilson, Fr. Joseph F.
Casting the First Stone.
February, 1990. pp. 42-44.
Inside the Chancery. June,
1990. pp. 46-47.
Young, R.V.
T.S. Eliot Among the
Biographers. November,
1990. pp. 9-15.
Zanic, Most Rev. Pavao, Bishop of Mostar
The Truth About Medjugorje:
Bishop Zanic's Latest
Statement. May, 1990. pp.
Zimmerman, Rev. Anthony, SVD
Contraception is Creeping
Death. April, 1990. pp. 15-19.

Authors: INDEX Volume 10
Bluemel, Inge
Gabriele's Angels: The Opus Angelorum Can be Dangerous to your Spiritual Health.
July/August, 1991. Pgs. 9-11.
Bradley, S.J., Robert
Hidden Manna.
February, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
By Love Refined.
October, 1991. Pg. 48.
Curran vs. Catholicism.
June,1991. Pgs.39-40.
Dimmie, RI.P.
April, 1991. Pg. 19.
Medjugorje: Just a Waste of Time?
January, 1991. Pgs. 11 -14.
Short Endings.
December, 1990. Pgs.16-17.
Short Endings.
January, 1991. Pgs. 22-23.
Short Endings.
February, 1991. Pgs. 14-15.
Short Endings.
March, 1991. Pgs. 18-19.
Short Endings.
April, 1991. Pgs. 20-21.
Short Endings.
May, 1991. Pgs. 20-21.
Short Endlngs.
June, 1991. Pgs. 22-23.
Short Endings.
July/August,1991. Pgs. 24-25.
Short Endings.
September, 1991. Pgs.18-19.
Short Endings.
October, 1991. Pgs. 22-23
Short Endings.
November,1991. Pgs. 24-25.
Taken for a Ride.
March, 1991. Pgs. 45-46.
Carroll, Warren H.
Conversion of Russia? Reflections on the Counter-Revolution of 1989.
December, 1990. Pgs.18-26.
Case, Thomas W.
Back Alley Abortions in Maryland.
July/August, 1991. Pgs. 21 -23.
Don't Monkey Around with the Evolutionists: The Religion that Failed Can Still Be Dangerous,
April, 1991. Pgs.32-36.
The Ghouls of Compassion.
September, 1991. Pgs. 12-15.
Charles, S.J., Rodger
How Capitalism Ruined the Family.
September, 1991. Pgs. 41-43.
Kelly and the Bishops.
July/August, 1991. Pgs. 45-47.
DeMarco, Donald
Doubtful Thomism.
March, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
Frankenstein's Dilemma: Rational Use of Immoral Reproductive Technologies?
July/August, 1991. Pgs. 37-44.
Neutered Prayers: Is Exclusive Language Really Bad?
January, 1991. Pgs. 24-32.
Satanic History.
April, 1991. Pgs. 37-38.
Twenty-flve Years of UpHeaval.
November, 1991. Pgs. 41-42.
Dooley, D.J.
Chronical of Confusion: The Abortion Story in Canada.
July/August, 1991. Pgs. 26-36.
Dubay, S.M., Fr. Thomas
Celibacy and Clerical Standards.
December, 1990. Pgs. 5-9.
Ederer, Rupert J.
Leo XIII, Catholic Social Teaching, and the Death of the Family.
May, 1991. Pgs. 22-30.
Fumento, Michael
Abortion War in Cincinnati.
March, 1991. Pgs. 32-38.
Gill, Laurie Navar
Guilt Trip along the Lifechain.
December, 1990. Pgs. 14-15.
Greaney, Michael D.
The Polish Proposal: The Worst of Both Worlds.
October, 1991. Pgs. 18-21.
Hale, John P.
Adding "C" to the Three "Rs".
April. 1991. Pgs. 11-13.
Johnston, George Sim
Darwin on the Rocks.
October, 1991. Pgs. 24-31.
Jones, E. Michael
Learning the Hard Way: One Hundred Years of Ignoring Rerum Novarum.
May, 1991. Pgs. 31-36.
Luther: The First Modern.
May, 1991. Pgs. 37-47.
Medjugorje Goes Up in Smoke: The Yugoslavian Bishops Just Say No.
February, 1991. Pgs. 16-28.
Nigger Heaven Revisited.
November, 1991. Pg. 16.
Race to the Finish.
September,1991. Pgs. 39-41.
Ratzinger on Medjugorje.
March, 1991. Pgs.9-10.
Rescue Reborn? The Lambs of Christ Have a New Strategy for Stopping Abortion.
March, 1991. Pgs. 20-30.
Stanley and Jane's Excellent Adventure: or, Why Politically Correct Professors Hate Western Civillzation.
March, 1991. Pgs. 11-15.
The Beloved Communinity Gets Down: How the Civil Rights Movement Chose to Perpetuate the Ghetto.
September, 1991. Pgs. 20-38.
The Future that Failed: Machines for Living in and the Death of the Family.
January, 1991. Pgs. 34-42.
Klaus, Hanna
Medicine's Paradigm Shift.
June, 1991. Pgs. 16-21.
Lofton, John
Jesse Helms is Right Ahout the Homosexual Lobby, and Brinkley and Rooney are Wrong.
January, 1991. Pgs. 15-17.
Schwarzenegger: Muscles Over Morals.
May, 1991. Pgs. 11-13.
Tree Worship and Child Sacrifice.
March, 1991. Pgs. 15-17.
Aping the Apes.
April, 1991. Pgs. 16-19.
Manly, Doris
A Spoonfill of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down: Image and Realoty in the Irish Presidential Election.
July/August, 1991. Pgs. 13- 18.
McSheffery, Rev. Daniel F.
Epiphany Means More than Just the Three KingsFinding Jesus.
December, l99O. Pgs. 10- 11.
Miller, Edmund B.
A Judge's Sentenclng.
June, 1991. Pgs. 11 - 15.
Millward, S.J., Peter
The Inner Life of Ignatius.
May, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
Dante the Layman.
July/ August, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
The Humanity of Newman.
June, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
Murphy, Brendan Patrick.
Ev-Apparition in Texas: Catholic Piety Goes Down the Drain Once Again.
February, 1991. Pgs. 7-8.
Nash, Thomas J.
AIDS, "Safe Sex" and Bill Cosby.
September, 1991. Pgs. 9-11.
Schism In Ann Arbor: Just Another Splitit? or Reform for the Charismatics?
June, 1991. Pgs. 24-38.
Nathanson, M D., Bernard
Of Pre-Embryos and Bourbon Kings.
July/August, 1991. Pgs. 18-21.
O'Brien, Jr., Edward
Godless Academe.
April, 1991. Pgs. 14-16.
Ratner, M.D., Herbert
Passlon of a Believer.
April, 1991. Pg. 44.
Reilly, John J.
The Age of Chaos.
December, 1990. Pgs. 12-14.
Rini, Suzanne M.
Food for Thought.
February, 1991. Pgs. 37-41.
Gay Sclence.
October, 1991. Pgs. 13-18.
Hitler and the Occult: Nazism, Reincarnatlon and Rock Culture.
April, 1991. Pgs. 22-31.
Nazi Gnosis: What Hitler Learned from the Cathars.
October, 1991. Pgs. 32-42.
Rooney, David
Adam and Eve Get Religion.
October 1991. Pgs. 43-46.
Black Catholics.
November. 1991. Pgs. 39-40.
Brideshead Revisited Revisited.
April, 1991. Pgs. 38-43.
Science as Rationalization.
December, l99O. Pgs. 46-47.
The Once and Future Church.
June, 1991. Pgs. 41-46.
Dian Fossey Goes Ape.
January, 1991. Pgs. 43-46.
Shramm, Glenn
Thomas Mann and the Fascist Epoch.
February, 1991. Pgs. 12-13.
Smillie, Mark
Another Tyranny Bites the Dust.
October, 1991. Pgs. 46-48.
Stich, Lawrence
Revoltlng Masses.
March, 1991. Pgs. 39-45.
Sullivan, James A.
Chill out with Bill.
September, 1991. Pgs. 15-17.
Pierre Toussaint: A Saint for Our Time?
November, 1991. Pgs. 26-38.
Szelle, Jerrilyn.
Philosophies of Life.
February,1991. Pgs. 45-46.
van der Ploeg, O.P., J.P.M.
An Old Jewish Sect amd the "Work of the Holy Angels."
November, 1991. Pgs. 9-15.
Wegner, David
Norplant: Bad for Women and Other Living Things.
January, 1991. Pgs. 17-18.
The Child Care Fight of 1990: Families and Ideologies.
February, 1991. Pgs. 9-12.
Whitehead, K.D.
Guiding the Younger Generation.
November, 1991. Pgs.17-23.
The New Instruction on the Vocation of the Theologian and Dissent in the Church Today.
February, 1991. Pgs.30-36.
Wilson, Charles M.
The Music Man and Sex Education.
January, 1991. Pgs. 18-'71.
Wilson, Rev. Joseph.
A Second Chance.
February, 1991. Pgs. 42-43.
Death Comes for the Pastor.
February, 1991. Pgs. 43-45.
Married to a Catholic Priest.
January, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
Portrait of a Prelate.
April, 1991. Pgs. 45-46.
Teaching the Faith.
April, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
Young, R.V.
Christianity and Literature.
December, 1990. Pgs. 43-45.
Zimmerman, S.V.D., Rev. Anthony
God's Wrath, the Beatific Vision, Contraception.
May, 1991. Pgs. 14-18.

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