Econ CoverExcerpts from reviews of Economics as if God Matters ($17.95 + S&H) by Rupert J. Ederer

"an invaluable study of the Church's social teachings. ... recommend[ed] highly to anyone serious about understanding the Church's teaching on the economic issues of our era." James K. Fitzpatrick, The Wanderer.

"... the bulk of the book is organized around the social encyclicals themselves, with a chapter for each encyclical. The author summarizes the contents of each encyclical as well as giving information about the circumstances of their composition, their reception by both Catholics and others, and insights and reflections about the general trend of papal social teaching and its importance for the Church. Throughout his book Ederer highlights several constant themes which are common to all or most of the encyclicals. One of these is the increasing importance of the virtue of solidarity, which since the 1960s has been mentioned with greater and greater frequency in the social encyclicals. Ederer points out that the great Jesuit economist, Heinrich Pesch (1854-1926) made solidarity a major point of his economic work. Pesch ... is without doubt the single most influential Catholic economist in history. The fact that he is almost unknown among American Catholics speaks volumes about our seriousness in pursuing truly Catholic social aims. ... Ederer, unlike the neo-conservatives with their tendentious interpretations, does not regard Centesimus Annus as a sweeping benediction bestowed upon American capitalism. He discusses what the Pope really said, and notes how this teaching ought to be applied both here and abroad. In particular Ederer devotes space to a discussion of what exactly the word "capitalism" means, and how it is used differently by the Holy Father and by his neo-conservative commentators. The result of this is that those who are looking for papal blessings on our own economic arrangements will have to wait longer, for as of now they simply do not exist." Thomas Storck, Caelum Et Terra.

This book is out of print. You may buy the enlarged and revised edition here.


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