For ten days in August, Culture Wars set up camp on the Lower Rhein in Germany for a prolonged meditation on roots, or enracination, as the antidote to globalism and deracination.


For three days, locals from the walled city of Rees, Germany, participants from throughout Europe, and a band of Americans ate, drank, joked, and shared insights together, centered on a series of talks designed to focus and deepen the experience. We took a walking tour of the city, guided by Frau Carla Gottwein, author of a book on the Catholic Church in Rees. We heard from the local baker and the family farmer on the displacement caused by centralization and globalization before touring the bakery and farm. We watched the ships on the Rhine, and we learned of the continuing deracination in Germany from World War II and its aftermath.


Then, for seven days, we enjoyed discussion and touring by foot, bicycle, and bus during the days, and shared meals in a local pub complemented by ethnic music and dance in the evenings, followed often by Italian ice in Rees’ cafes. A unique opportunity to see and experience rooted European culture in the company of those who live it daily.


We bicycled to a medieval castle, and, on another day, to a Roman ruin. We visited St. Nicolai Church in Kalkar, home of magnificent medieval woodcarvers, many of whose works grace this parish church. By bus, we went to Brugge, a medieval city rooted in Catholic thought and culture, and also to Muenster, site of the 1533 Anabaptist uprising against the order of Catholic Europe, and seat of the soon to be beatified Lion of Muenster, Clemens August, Count von Galen, the bishop of Muenster who spoke out against the Nazis during World War II.


A prolonged ten day meditation on rooted culture: what it is, where it is, and how to create it. If you weren't there, you can now have the next best thing. E. Michael Jones, Jeffrey Langan, Thomas Fleming, and James G. Bruen, Jr. reflecting on Rees, the rooted town, from the American perspective. Meditations on the practical results of the revolutionary spirit in America: the Supreme Court's attack on roots, Social Engineering, Enlightenment morality, and its antithesis. And, Jean-Claude Manifacier of France and England’s John Beaumont addressing enracination from European perspectives.


A three CD set of six English language talks from the conference, for $45 plus S+H. Your own little piece of the world will never seem the same again.

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