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The Economics as if God Matters Conference - Usury: Cause and Effect. Seven CD Set, $75 + S&H. [To order individual Conference CDs instead of the set, click here.]

E. Michael Jones, Ph.D.: Usury Begins with the Confiscation of Wages

Garrick Small, Ph.D.: The Economy is like the Trinity

David Wemhoff, Esq.: The Anti-Communist Crusade was War Against Catholics

Anthony Santelli, Ph.D.: Any Interest is Usury; No Fee is Usury, plus Mark Anderson: Social Credit in 10 Lessons

Adrian Krieg, Ph.D.: On Manufacturing, plus Mahlon Miller: The Alternative to Usury Agriculture

Captain X: Airline Pilots on Food Stamps, plus Jeff Langan, Ph.D.: The Proletariat in Academe

Rupert Ederer, Ph.D.: Economics as if God Matters, plus bonus Q & A Session with Anderson, Jones, Krieg, Langan, Santelli, Small, and Wemhoff

The End of Dialogue and the Beginning of Unity Conference. Six CD Set, $75 + S&H. [To order individual Conference CDs instead of the set, click here.]

John Sharpe: Reconstructing the Catholic State: Principles and Possibilities

David Wemhoff: The Pro-Life Movement and the New Americanism
   Robert Hickson: Not Less Than Defined Dogmas: The Catholic Faith and Strategic Subversive Warfare

Robert Sungenis: The Place of Jews in Catholic Theology

E. Michael Jones: The Manhattan Declaration and Dialogue as a form of Political Control

Panel: The Catholic Soldier: Mission Accomplished? Mission Creep? Mission Impossible? (Sharpe, Wemhoff, and Hickson)

A New Approach to Abortion, E. Michael Jones. With the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade looming on the horizon, the history of the Right to Life movement is one long string of failures. How could so many people of good will have so little to show for their efforts? The answer can be found in two related questions, questions that have remained unanswered up til now: who gave us abortion? and what are we doing to bring about their conversion? Jones's new approach answers both questions and provides a way out of the dead end in which the Right to Life movement now finds itself. CD, $15 + S&H.

Watching MTV: Neoethnic Songs and Dances. When your Irish Catholic father married your Polish, Lithuanian, Italian, or German Catholic mother, he probably had met her at a parish function. The American Catholic ethnic was pan-European before it was cool to be pan-European. He was Irish and Lithuanian; he was Polish and Italian; he ate spaghetti and sang When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. But a generation abandoned its musical ethnicity: Hollywood colonized music as ruthlessly as McDonald's colonized roadside food. When was the last time you heard lyrics that weren't vetted by cultural bolshevists? Mike Jones announces initiation of a countertrend: a CD that reconnects to ethnic identity in music. "Volk" music! The melodies of the volk with Jones' lyrics: ethnic melodies used as a vehicle for what we want to say, just as our ancestors did. Includes the unforgettable songs Tell George Bush We Won't Fight in His War and Watching MTV. CD, $15 + S&H. Read Reviews

Syria, the War, and the Zeitgeist: Two Talks by E. Michael Jones
Culture Jihad in Iran

1979 Changed the World

Visions on Demand: The Medjugorje Conspiracy. The Bishop of Mostar, Bosnia, said: "Medjugorje, considered as a location of presumed apparitions, does not promote peace and unity but creates confusion and division, and not simply in its own diocese. I stated this in October 1994 and in the presence of the Holy Father, and I repeat it today with the same responsibility." Order this video, filmed in Medjugorje, and find out the truth about the financial and spiritual manipulation behind one of the greatest spiritual hoaxes of the 20th Century. DVD, $18 + S&H.
Medjugorje information and documents

Medjugorje and the Sexual Revolution. After hearing this talk, the producer of a major Medjugorje video had a change of heart and is now devoting his efforts to exposing the fraud behind what he once promoted as true. This talk was also the basis of a day-long seminar on the dangers of private revelations, sponsored by the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, under Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz. This talk is the best explanation of what everyone thought was inexplicable. CD, $15, DVD, $18, + S&H.

The Man Behind Medjugorje. When Andrea Gemma, bishop emeritus of Isernia-Venafro and one of Italy's best known exorcists, announced in the Italian Catholic internet newsletter Petrus that the Church had officially stated that the Blessed Mother had never appeared in Medjugorje and that entire operation was the "work of the devil," he was asked to be more specific about the interests motivating involvement in Medjugorje. The bishop declared, "I'm referring to the devil's shit, money." Bishop Gemma claimed that the seers were inspired by Satan, and him alone, to spread unrest and confusion among the faithful. "Think of the disobedience which they have promoted in the Church. Their spiritual advisor, a Franciscan who was expelled from his order and suspended from his priestly faculties, continues to confect invalid sacraments." The fact that many priests from around the world continue to lead pilgrimages there is "a disgrace," the bishop added. "The phoney seers and their assistants make money hand over fist, while at the same time the devil creates dissension between the faithful and the Church." Gemma dismissed the objection that the Holy See had never issued a pronouncement on Medjugorje as "one more lie." Rome has always endorsed the view of the Bishop of Mostar that Medjugorje was a "diabolical deception." "Let me let you in on a little secret," Bishop Gemma continued. The Vatican is going to release an explosive announcement in the near future which will reveal once and for all who was behind this deception. The other shoe dropped when Rome asked Ratko Peric, Bishop of Mostar, to announce the suspension of the man behind the almost 30-year-old Medjugorje hoax. In "The Man Behind Medjugorje," E. Michael Jones explains how he exposed the man behind Medjugorje 20 years before the Vatican did. This is an ideal introduction to a hoax that still keeps Catholics in bondage. CD, $15 + S&H.

Dionysian Muzak: Rock 'n' Roll and Political Control - The Lecture. The E. Michael Jones/Halderner Kammerchor tour: a carefully planned, skillfully executed counterattack on the main instrument of cultural subordination, Dionysian Muzak - the use of rock 'n' roll as a form of political control. Dr. Jones explains the psychological dynamics of Dionysian Muzak, followed by the Halderner Kammerchor demonstrating an alternative (see imediately below). CD, $15, DVD, $18, + S&H.

Dionysian Muzak: Rock 'n' Roll and Political Control - The Concert. Following the just described lecture, the Halderner Kammerchor sang hymns composed by Palestrina, Mendelssohn, Durufle, Purcell and Avro Paert. An unparalleled rendition of some of the West's greatest sacred music. CD, $15, DVD, $18, + S&H.

How Contraceptives Cause Drive-by Shootings. E. Michael Jones explains how the sexual revolution, conceived by foundations, taken over by the federal government, ratified by the courts, and implemented in the name of "freedom," destroyed our cities. Freedom of this sort, to paraphrase a song, is just another word for political control. This talk puts the connection between morals and politics into an easy to follow irrefutable argument. 2 CD Set, $20, DVD, $18, + S&H.

Ethnic Cleansing and the "Catholic" Problem. The decay of cities didn't just happen; it was the result of ethnic cleansing - the forced migration of blacks and whites, the prime means by which the Liberal Regime consolidated power in the South and North. After World War II, the liberal elite combined racial politics with the sexual revolution to "solve" the "Catholic Problem." Because Catholic political power was concentrated in ethnic neighborhoods in big Northern cities, the ethnic cleansing of those neighborhoods in the name of racial "integration" meant dispersal of Catholic ethnics in the suburbs and the end of Catholics as a significant political force. 2 CD Set, $20, DVD, $18, + S&H.

Why the Homosexual is Our Ideal Citizen. President Clinton once told homosexual supporters he thought promotion of their lifestyle should be made mandatory in public schools. He and vice-president Gore praised Hollywood for promoting homosexuality. Why? There aren't enough homosexual citizens to affect the voting balance. This is an attempt to turn the homosexual into the ideal citizen and a role model for us and our children. Do you know why we are all supposed to act like homosexuals even if we aren't? This talk is crucial to those who want to understand the political meaning of homosexuality and how it is being used against the overhwelming majority of this country's citizens. CD, $15, DVD, $18, + S&H.

Roots Conference CDs. For ten days, Culture Wars set up camp on the Lower Rhein in Germany and engaged in a prolonged meditation on roots as the antidote to globalism abroad and deracination at home. If you weren't there, you can now have the next best thing. Six talks - by E. Michael Jones, Jeffrey Langan, Thomas Fleming, James G. Bruen, Jr., Jean-Claude Manifacier, and John Beaumont. Meditations on the practical results of the revolutionary spirit: the Court's attack on roots, Social Engineering, Enlightenment morality and its antithesis. Your little piece of the world will never seem the same again. 3 CD Set, $45 + S&H. Read More

The Homosexual: Personal and Political. Two talks presented outside Philadelphia at a symposium prompted by the local library's promotion of pornography. Father John Harvey, OSFS, founder of Courage, an organization dedicated to keeping men with homosexual orientation chaste, talks about the psychological dynamic at the heart of homosexual behavior and the role pornography plays in generating this vicious circle. E. Michael Jones talks about the homosexual as the culture of death's ideal citizen. This is the conference the Catholic neoconservatives tried to stop. Find out why. 2 CD Set, $30 + S&H.

Misreading the Catholic Vote. On Holy Thursday, 2009, while you were attending the commemoration of the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper and the beginning of the yearly celebration of the passion and death of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, President Barack Obama presided over the first seder meal ever celebrated at the White House. Just as Bill Clinton became known as our first black president, Barack Obama was coming to be known as our first Jewish President. That is not what the conservative press warned us about during the 2008 presidential campaign. If you had asked David Freddoso to predict what Holy Thursday would be like at the White House in the wake of an Obama victory, he might have envisioned a prayer service featuring the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, former weatherman Bill Ayers, and maybe Al Sharpton, followed by a meal of fried chicken and chitlins with the theme song from The Jeffersons playing in the background, but not a seder. In this talk, E. Michael Jones explains how everyone got it wrong. Even Bishop Chaput, who said the election results proved Catholics don't care about abortion anymore. Well, the uproar at Notre Dame over the Obama invitation indicated that post-mortem was premature and that the truth would prevail in ways no one expected. CD, $15 + S&H.

Eyeless in Gaza. Delivered by E. Michael Jones at the Catholic University of America and replayed on TV stations in Louisiana, this talk is simply the best explanation of the political purpose of pornography. Jones' insight is causing a paradigm shift on Catholic campuses. CD $15, DVD $18, + S&H.

The Dangers of Private Revelations. CD, $15 + S&H.

The Real Psychology 101: What We Never Learned in School. Domestic violence? Violence in our high schools? There's lots of handwringing, but there's also a general cluelessness about the causes. Dr. Jones demonstrates that the basic topography of the human soul makes events like these inevitable in a culture based on the systematic exploitation of human passion for financial gain. CD, $15 + S&H.

Contraception and Ethnic Warfare. Dr. Jones explains contraception as a form of ethnic warfare intended, along with the sexual revolution of the '60s, to solve the Catholic problem by bringing the fertility rate of Catholics down to that of the WASP ruling class, ruining Catholic political power. CD, $15 + S&H.

Prolife Politics/Ethnic Politics. When the ruling class subverted morals to enhance their power, they undermined the moral consensus that made this country possible. In promoting abortion and contraception, they also are putting put an end to their own power. In this talk, Dr. Jones explains how cutural revolution - and cultural revolutionaries - will end up. CD, $15 + S&H.

I Was a Teenage Horror Fan. Cutural analysis at its best. Dr. Jones, addressing university students, turns their interest in horror movies into an introduction to the true topography of the soul and a meditation on the disastrous consequences of inverting the relationship between reason and passion.  2 CD Set, $20.

In TV and Thought Control, E. Michael Jones explores how the media, especially TV, can control our thoughts and thought processes through half truths, manipulating the news and exposing us to subtle and not so subtle social propaganda. Hence, we start to think about morality in new ways.  2 CD Set, $20.


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